Tips to Care For Wood Crafts

Raw wood or finishing result wood is durable. Wood materials of handicraft easily absorb water, oil, and even dust. So, wood handicrafts, furniture or home accessories, such as statues, picture frames, and decorative bowls should always receive routine care.

How to protect and care for wooden handicraft handmade depends on its conditions: if the timber is still raw (not coated) or wood that has been coated (finishing). To treat both conditions of wooden handicraft handmade are certainly different. However, how to take care them is not difficult. You can use cleaning materials from the factory or traditional materials.

Raw Wood

Raw wood is wood that has not been coated yet by anti-water and anti-oil layer, such as melamine or polish. The followings are the steps to care for raw food:

1. Sand the wood surface (such as miniature wood) until its corners. Try to sand the wood surface in the same direction with the wood fiber. When finished, clean the wood surface by using a brush.

2. Brush the linseed oil by using a brush. Wait for several minutes, so the fluid will seep into the timber/ wood miniature.

3. Use a clean rag to flatten the remaining liquid on the surface of wooden miniature handicrafts. Allow to dry for 1-2 hours.

4. Repeat the second and third, so that the surface of wooden miniature handicrafts is closed perfectly. As a result, your handicrafts and wooden furniture are protected from oil, water and other impurities.

Wood with Finishing

The followings are the steps to care for wood that has been coated by melamine coating or polish:

1. Clean wood handicrafts by using a clean, dry cloth.

2. Apply wax on clean cloth furniture. Rub the wood surface in the same direction with the wood fiber. Do not press too much. If your wooden accessories are carved, dilute wax by using a little gasoline or turpentine. Use a paint brush to rub it on the details.

3. Allow 15 minutes, and repeat step 2 in order to achieve maximum results.

The Steps to Polish Wood

Wooden handicraft that will be treated is the raw wood and wood that has experienced finishing. As the result, the wood is glossier and oil layered. Oil layer prevents water, but its characteristic is temporary. You can do this treatment once in 1-2 weeks. Here are the ways:

  • Rub the coconut pulp on the surface of wood. Rub the wood in the same direction with wood fiber. Press a little bit, so the pulp forms granules such as sand.
  • Allow for approximately 10 minutes and then wash the remaining residue by using a clean dry cloth.


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